Commitment to Colorado

Our Expanded Geographic Focus

While The Piton Foundation historically concentrated the majority of its investments within the city and county of Denver, Gary Community Investments has an expanded focus. We make investments throughout the greater metro Denver region with an emphasis on lower-income neighborhoods. In addition, investments in companies, policy and systems change may be directed across Colorado.

Learning from the Children’s Corridor

While the Children’s Corridor’s place-based approach has been successful in other cities, we have realized that geography should not be the primary driver of our work.

The Children’s Corridor laid out a commitment to focus on the needs of low-income children in specific areas of Denver, but subsequent work has taught us that the challenges Denver faces are not limited by geography. Low-income families move frequently with many trading metro areas for the suburbs, making it impossible to draw a line around poverty. We are continuing to evaluate and assess our learnings from the Children's Corridor initiative, which we plan to share widely with our partners in an effort to help inform future efforts. 

Gary Community Investments will continue our commitment to children in Denver while extending our coverage to even more families in need. Our new model for employing for-profit and philanthropic funding enables us to create opportunities for low-income families living in a broader geographic region, allowing us to help even more children in need.