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Early Childhood Innovation Prize Enters Evaluation Phase

Since launching in October 2017, GCI’s $1 Million Early Innovation Prize has brought together hundreds of innovators and experts from around the globe to collaboratively solve the question: How might we maximize every child’s potential during their first three years? At the close of the submission phase on February 15, innovators from more than 100 countries submitted nearly 570 ideas through OpenIDEO’s prize platform, a number that far exceeded our expectations. All of the ideas can be explored here.

During the submission process, innovators had the opportunity to collaborate with OpenIDEO’s global community, and more than 260 innovators received mentorship support and feedback from 135 experts in early childhood and a number of other fields. We appreciate the time and expertise that the mentors provided to help strengthen and evolve the innovators’ concepts.

As we enter the evaluation phase, GCI and OpenIDEO staff, along with a panel of judges representing early childhood leaders from across the field, will review the ideas using the prize evaluation criteria. More than 100 experts are participating in the evaluation process, ensuring that every submission is reviewed by multiple individuals with relevant insight and unique perspectives.

In early May, we look forward to awarding up to $1 million in funding to approximately 20 of the top ideas to emerge through the prize. In addition, a set of promising ideas will be recognized. GCI is in the process of designing an early childhood innovation network that provides an opportunity for innovators to advance their work through access to great thinkers, experts and investors. Stay tuned!

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