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Apply to the Futurebound Acceleration Lab by July 12

As part of our efforts to catalyze early childhood innovation, Gary Community Investments is supporting the launch of Futurebound, an innovation ecosystem in Colorado that is focused on fueling innovation in child development. Learn more about this movement to create a future where all children are bound for success.

To help activate this ecosystem, we are partnering with Futurebound and Uncharted to launch the Futurebound Acceleration Lab, an eight-month program that will provide child-focused ventures with the support they need to succeed in Colorado.

Apply to the Futurebound Acceleration Lab by July 12

Breakthrough solutions emerge when innovative ideas, investment and people collide. The Futurebound Acceleration Lab is placing for-profit and nonprofit ventures at the center of Colorado’s innovation ecosystem and pairing them with the supports they need to succeed.

During this eight month program, selected venture will receive customized supports, including:

  • Access to pilot sites in Colorado, investors, mentors, researchers and other partners, who can help advance innovations for all young children, particularly those who are at risk or from low-income families.

  • A $30,000 stipend with potential access to additional funding through the program

  • The opportunity to showcase their solutions at the Futurebound Summit, which is being held in Denver from November 12-15, 2019.

Applications are due by Friday, July 12. To learn more about the program and access the application, visit the Futurebound website, and sign up for one of these informational webinars.

Share the Futurebound Acceleration Lab with your Networks

Help us source the most breakthrough solutions for young children! Use this promotional toolkit to share the Futurebound Acceleration Lab with child-focused ventures or potential partners in your network.

If you have questions about the Futurebound Acceleration Lab, or want to get involved in Futurebound’s ecosystem-building efforts, contact Sarabeth Berk.