Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment at Gary Community Investments, which includes The Piton Foundation. We are currently hiring for the following positions:


Program Manager, Impact Investing

Gary Community Investments (GCI) was set-up with a distinct vision that all assets of the organization (whether philanthropic, below-market, or market-rate) are ultimately to be managed in pursuit of the long-term vision of the organization. With this goal in mind, GCI continues to build a pioneering and cutting-edge mission-related and program-related investing portfolio with investments across asset classes (venture capital funds, private equity funds, direct equity and debt, alternatives, real assets, and guarantees) closely aligned with the mission and impact objectives of the organization. GCI has already committed $40 million towards its mission and program investments, and this allocation is expected to substantially grow in the coming years as the organization fulfills its goal of investing all of its assets back into the community by 2035. 

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Senior Producer of Video & Multimedia

Gary Community Investments seeks a full-time Senior Producer of Video & Multimedia to join our Communications team. The Communications team creates, maintains and expands message narratives and content to engage internal staff, partners, co-investors and the broader community to illustrate the value and impact of Gary Community Investments’ work leveraging business, policy and philanthropy to break down barriers that inhibit opportunity for Colorado’s kids and families. Through our branding, storytelling, creative content and media engagement, we aim to inspire people, platforms and programs to join us in co-creating breakthrough solutions that will increase opportunity for Colorado kids and families. The Senior Producer of Video & Multimedia will take part in the conceptualization of content, and will often take a lead role in the creation of content in the categories outlined below:

  1. Day-to-day, multi-platform content that keeps our brand top-of-mind among relevant audiences, utilizing written content, vignette video, designed imagery, still photography and basic motion graphics.
  2. Bigger storytelling capable of driving needed behavior change among larger audiences, including short- and feature-length documentaries, podcast storytelling, whitepapers and livestream content.

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Director, The Fund for African American Wealth

GCI is looking to launch a pioneering new effort aimed at bridging the African-American racial wealth gap in Colorado. Similar to the rest of the US, It is estimated that the wealth of a median black family in the state is roughly 1/13th of that of a median white family today. The organization is in the early stages of designing and piloting an innovative platform aimed at deploying innovative capital solutions that can accelerate wealth creation among African American families in the Denver metro area. The initial focus of this effort is to launch a investment fund focused on catalyzing African American homeownership, which continues to be one of the most effective ways for families to build intergenerational wealth.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial individual with deep roots in the black community, and with professional experience in community banking, mortgage lending, and/or financial services to help lead this effort. The Director will oversee a portfolio of efforts aimed at addressing the racial wealth gap through, while focusing initially on the launch and operation of the homeownership fund. The position is based in Denver, Colorado. 

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