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CO Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

As part of our efforts to ensure that all children enter kindergarten “ready to learn,” Gary Community Investments is working to increase awareness among the early childhood, business and policy communities, along with the general public, about the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC), which has the power to increase funding for child care providers, and, ultimately, improve access to quality care in our state.

The CCTC enables qualified child care providers to receive financial donations directly from individuals and businesses. Taxpayers are incentivized to use the credit because they can claim a Colorado income tax credit up to 50% of their total contribution.  

Gary Community Investments supports the CCTC because of the positive impact it can have on the lives of low-income children. Children who have access to quality early childhood education are more likely to do well in school, go to college, earn more money and own their own homes. In addition, research shows that a child’s development before age five is significant and crucial, yet public education dollars are still only allocated to kindergarten and beyond. Therefore, early education remains a shared responsibility of—and benefit to—everyone, and the CCTC enables an ideal collaboration between the public and private sectors.

A coalition of business, community and government leaders, which includes Gary Community Investments, is working to educate the community about the CCTC. The coalition worked with JVA Consulting to develop the below outreach toolkits to help various audiences that are interested in promoting, benefiting from or utilizing the CCTC.

Tools for Child Care Providers: This toolkit is for child care providers and is divided into two sections. The first section provides factual information on the CCTC and walks you through the process of becoming a qualified center and accepting donations. The section section provides you with tools to take advantage of the CCTC and inform others in your community about this opportunity.

Tools for Business Communities: This toolkit provides small and large business with CCTC tax information and explains the benefits for donating. It also includes donation forms and outreach emails for partners.

Tools for Early Childhood Advocates: This toolkit is for early childhood advocates who are interested in helping spread the word about the CCTC. The toolkit includes a FAQ sheet, sample outreach materials, as well as a draft letter you can customize.

Tools for Financial Advisors: This toolkit provides CPAs and financial advisors with information on the CCTC and FAQs that can be used when advising clients on their charitable investments.

Tools for Policy Makers: This toolkit provides policy makers information on the CCTC and includes an outreach letter.

Tools for Other Influentials: This toolkit is for individual donors and philanthropists. It includes a FAQ sheet and a letter to customize for outreach.