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Early Childhood Innovation Network Launches

During the Early Childhood Innovation Prize, more than 1,000 innovators from around the globe contributed hundreds of ideas for maximizing every child’s potential during their first three years of life. Now, Gary Community Investments is inviting a select community of leading innovators, organizations, researchers, funders and more to help co-create the Early Childhood Innovation Network, a sustainable platform for accelerating innovation, advancing high-impact solutions and growing a potential pipeline for investors–all for the benefit of young children. During this next phase, GCI is helping to advance the Top Idea and Promising Idea winners that emerged through the Prize, and we are exploring the potential of the Network to accelerate breakthrough solutions in early childhood.

The Network is a digital space to connect and collaborate, find peer and expert support, and get feedback to push early childhood solutions forward. By starting with a small, curated group, GCI is testing the demand for, and eagerness to engage in, a platform like this. We believe there’s a place for open innovation in early childhood that has the potential to create breakthroughs in the field, and our goal is to build a community of support that is committed to offering innovative ideas, lending expertise and investing capital to solve early childhood challenges together.  

The Early Childhood Innovation Prize and the Early Childhood Innovation Network are part of GCI’s multi-million dollar commitment to catalyzing early childhood innovation. As our partner in this new effort, OpenIDEO is helping to curate, listen and learn with the Network. In addition, we are partnering with Promise Venture Studio to support the 22 Prize winners, and we are seeking additional partners to support the Network after its testing phase.

Interested in learning more about how you can get engaged in the Network? Contact Steffanie Clothier.