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Featured Investment: Ours to Own

In an effort to leverage the collective power of individuals' making small investments to support community development, Gary Community Investments partnered with The Calvert Foundation and other local organizations to help launch the Ours to Own campaign in Denver. Built on the belief that residents should be able to invest in building the future they want in their cities, Ours to Own is a growing movement of people investing as little as $20--and earning returns--to strengthen their communities.

In April 2015, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) announced that it has acquired its first property, Mountain View, through the Ours to Own inititative. Mountain View hosts a number of nonprofits, including Lutheran Family Services, which employs 130 people and serves more than 1,000 people a week, including local immigrant and refugee communities. By preserving this community asset, ULC has ensured the nonprofits can continue making a positive impact in the Denver region, and their clients will continue to be able to access their important services. Read more about ULC's aquisition of Mountain View here

After purchasing a six acre site on the future North Metro Rail Line in April, Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) has been working closely with neighborhood residents in the surrounding community of Elyria Swansea to gather input for a redevelopment masterplan. This plan will serve as the basis for the proposed rezoning of the site in order to maximize this mixed-use development. The group worked together to create four different concepts: A Women's Center Focused Plan; A Housing Focused Plan; Service Center Focused Plan; Kids Heave Focused Plan. To learn more about the redevelopment plan and concepts, click here

The investments made through Denver's Ours to Own campaign help support the work of organizations that are involved in community and business development across the Front Range, including Urban Land ConservancyColorado Enterprise Fund and the Community Reinvestment Fund. This movement is connecting people and organizations working towards shared prosperity. By encouraging people to invest in the success of their community, Ours to Own is establishing a sustainable foundation for our neighborhoods to serve us all. Together, we can have a profound impact on communities across the Denver region.  Learn more.