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Futurebound Announces Acceleration Lab Cohort for Child Development

Half the children in the United States enter kindergarten unprepared to learn, and the toxic stress some young children experience has been shown to have damaging effects throughout their lives. In order to address the pressing educational, health and development challenges they face, we need to accelerate cross-sector solutions that build a foundation for their future success and growth.

A new Acceleration Lab, launched by Futurebound in collaboration with Gary Community Investments and Uncharted, will match a cohort of 18 ventures from across North America with pilot sites, investors, mentors, researchers and partners to help advance their solutions to these tough child development challenges. A few of the innovative solutions these ventures are developing include a 5-minute saliva test to monitor for toxic stress; AI-enabled parenting tools to provide real-time advice; and smart beds designed to improve safety, sleep and sensory regulation for children with special needs.

“We can’t afford to wait on current approaches and methodologies to solve the greatest needs for young children,” said Dr. Sarabeth Berk, Director of Futurebound. “We’re igniting an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, experts and leaders who are eager to tackle the complexity of child development for the benefit of children, families and our communities.”

Selected ventures will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the inaugural Futurebound Summit, taking place November 12-15 in Denver. The Summit is intended to be a major convening for anyone passionate about child development, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, experts, policymakers, researchers and other community members for interactive sessions, talks and networking events.