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Gary Community Investments Founder and Stapleton Visionary Sam Gary Applauds Decision to Rename Stapleton Neighborhood

As the Stapleton Master Community Association (MCA) embarks on a process to rename the Stapleton neighborhood, one of the neighborhood’s founders announced his family’s support for the change. Gary Community Investments today released the following statement on behalf of its founder, Sam Gary.

“When we started imagining the potential for the grounds of Stapleton International Airport, we imagined a diverse community where anyone from any background could afford and feel comfortable coming to live, work and play,” said Sam Gary.

“With its connection to a racist history, the Stapleton name makes it hard to reflect the inclusive, welcoming environment that we envisioned for the future,” he said.

According to the Green Book, which outlined the plans for the community’s initial development, the Stapleton name was intended to serve as a temporary placeholder for people to more easily associate the new community with its geographic location.

“Nancy and I support the Master Community Association’s (MCA) decision to rename the neighborhood. We hope the new name will invite people into a community that was created for all to enjoy.

We believe this is an important step toward recommitting to the promise of a neighborhood that is accessible to all,” he said.


About Sam Gary’s Launch of The Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation

Sam Gary is a former Colorado oilman who used the success of his business, widely known as Gary-Williams Energy Corporation, to support his passion for community development. In 1991, Gary helped organize The Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation, a self-sustaining stewardship organization created to raise money to help redevelop the land occupied by Denver’s old Stapleton International Airport. Under Gary’s leadership, the Stapleton Redevelopment Foundation raised more than $4 million in funding. The foundation outlined the guiding principles for Stapleton's redevelopment plan in the "Green Book," which was eventually adopted by the City of Denver. The Green Book outlined a plan for the neighborhood to develop  into a sustainable urban community that creates economic opportunity, promotes environmental sustainability and values social equity.

In honor of Gary’s vision and commitment to the neighborhood, the community’s public library was named the Sam Gary Branch Library in 2011.