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Gary Community Investments' Strategic Philanthropy and Policy Team Welcomes Four Members

FEBRUARY 8, 2021 - Gary Community Investments (GCI) welcomes four new members to its Strategic Philanthropy and Policy team. This new team, led by Vice President Damion LeeNatali, was built in the Fall of 2020, after working in partnership with metro area high school and college students to reimagine what the next chapter of philanthropic investing and policy work could look like at the organization. Joining the team include: Eloy Castro as Director of Community Leadership, Angie McPhaul as Director of Youth Success, Julie Stone as Director of Family Economic Mobility, and Emily Williams as Director of Funder Alliances. Each will lead on the next chapter of Gary’s commitment to creating a transformational impact for Colorado’s low-income children, families and communities. 

“We know we’ve got a lot to accomplish, guided by the principles and priorities of our founder, Sam Gary. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome this incredibly dynamic group of passionate and brilliant people to our team,” Damion LeeNatali, Vice President of Strategic Philanthropy and Policy. 

As Director of Community Leadership, Castro serves as the nexus between our community and the organization, ensuring that we are working hand in hand. Castro is from El Paso, Texas, though has lived and worked in Denver and surrounding communities for nearly a decade, and his experience is in mental health and education. Through many obstacles, education helped change his life early on. Castro is passionate about helping children and their families and hopes one day they won’t face the same challenges he did.

In the role of Director of Youth Success, McPhaul works to create a thriving community for all of the families and children in the Metro Area through a combination of systemic, public sector change and new ways of driving for-profit solutions. McPhaul joins Gary from Denver Public Schools, where was Director of Authorizing and Accountability. She previously taught Kindergarten and worked on education and child policy at the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

As Director of Family Economic Mobility, Stone supports families in the Metro Area through deep community engagement, policy, and advocacy work, engaging with for-profit, market-driven solutions, and building solutions where others can’t or won’t. Stone joins the Gary Team following four years at Teach For America Colorado, where she most recently served as Interim Executive Director. With experience spanning the public, private, and non-profit sectors, Stone is passionate about market innovations that deliver social benefit. 

In the role of Director of Funder Alliances, Williams works to build a constellation of relationships with local and national individual and institutional investors to come alongside community-driven solutions. In whatever she does, Williams strives to bring creativity to the table. As a fundraiser and communicator, she’s passionate about the intersection of relationship building, storytelling, art, data, and strategy. Williams loves connecting partners to purpose. Her sweet spots include development, purpose-driven (integrated) communications, and special project implementation.

In the summer of 2020, Gary worked in partnership with high school and college students to listen and learn from nearly 200 community members across metro-Denver. From there, we distilled our learnings into three philanthropic and policy focus areas- Family Economic Development, School Readiness, and Youth Success. Over the next three months, alongside our new team members, we’ll roll up our sleeves, building out an iterative and community-centered request for solution process to ensure the best ideas are leveraged and supported to create lasting systemic change for low-income families, children, and communities across metro-Denver. 

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