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GCI Partners with Uncharted on Early Childhood Accelerator

Gary Community Investments is partnering with the Uncharted to run an early childhood accelerator for entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions to improve the lives of low-income children ages 0 to 5. Defined by the Uncharted, accelerators are customized programs that swarm resources around ventures tackling our world’s biggest social and environmental problems.

The Early Childhood Accelerator will bring together a dozen highly vetted startups from around the United States. They’ll be brought to Denver, Colorado, along with world-class mentors, and given access to financing opportunities and a global network of support to help scale their ventures to the next level.

Applications for the accelerator will be open until April 1, 2016. Visit Uncharted’s website to learn more and apply for this opportunity, and to view Uncharted’s past early childhood ventures.