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Highlights from SOCAP17’s Early Childhood Spotlight

As part of our commitment to catalyzing early childhood innovation, Gary Community Investments partnered with Social Capital Markets to curate the first-ever track of early childhood-focused sessions at the SOCAP17 conference, held October 10-13 in San Francisco.

The two days of SOCAP17 Spotlight sessions on early childhood brought the energy of the world’s largest impact investing conference to the early learning and development conversation and reinforced the social and financial value of investing in the future by focusing on children during their first five years. Plenary and breakout sessions featuring experts and thought leaders from across the country introduced the latest in early childhood research, entrepreneurship and investment opportunities to an audience that was eager to learn more about the value of investing in our youngest children.

Learn more about the highlights, takeaways and lessons learned from SOCAP17’s early childhood conversation:

  • Read our Shared Knowledge reflections from day one and day two of the conference, which covered everything from the role technology could play in supporting parents and child assessment to the mechanics of Pay for Success models.

  • We announced our $1 Million Early Childhood Innovation Prize, a partnership with OpenIDEO that is seeking innovative solutions for maximizing every child’s potential during their first three years of life.

  • Follow the conversation that happened on social media by exploring the #SOCAP4Kids and #SOCAP17 hashtags. The #SOCAP4Kids hashtag generated more than 1 million impressions during the conference. Users shared their key takeaways from the sessions, speaker quotes and questions on the future of the sector.

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