How to Use This Toolkit: Child Care Providers

How to Use This Toolkit: Child Care Providers

Thank you for your work educating Colorado’s youngest children. We hope you will use this toolkit to help spread the word about the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC) and generate income for your child care center. The materials enclosed in this outreach toolkit will help make it easier for you to utilize and benefit from the CCTC.

This toolkit provides the following materials:

Section One - Materials to Educate Child Care Providers on the CCTC

  • Cover Letter: This provides you with an overview of the CCTC, how CCTC funds may be used, benefits of the CCTC and an explanation on how the toolkits are divided into sections.

  • Provider FAQs: This FAQ provides child care providers with information on the CCTC, how to use it, and its benefit to the community.

  • IRS Form DR 1317: This form is to be completed by the donee organization, then given to the donor after a donation has been made. Donors must submit this form with their Colorado income tax return when claiming the CCTC.

  • IRS DR 1318: This form is for unlicensed child care organizations that would like to register to be a licensed child care facility. To receive the CCTC, the child care center must be registered.

  • CCTC Process Overview: This reviews the process of qualifying and accepting donations through the CCTC.

Section Two - Materials to Help Child Care Providers with CCTC Outreach

Download the full, editable toolkit here.

Note: We encourage you to share this toolkit on your organization’s website. If this information is added to your website, you may insert your url into the outreach materials. Also, please feel free to customize the materials with your logo and other organizational information.  

For more detailed information on the CCTC, please visit the following websites:

Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado EPIC