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How to Use this Toolkit: Other Influentials

How to Use this Toolkit: Other Influentials

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Early Childhood Community through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC). We hope you will use this toolkit to help us spread the word about the CCTC.This toolkit provides the following materials:

  • Letter/email: This letter has information on the CCTC and can be used to inform other philanthropists and potential donors about the CCTC.

  • FAQ sheet: This FAQ provides information on the CCTC, how to use it, and its benefit to the community.

  • Flier:  Post this informational flier in your office. (Coming soon!)

  • Brochure: This brochure has information on the CCTC and can be used to educate and fundraise. (Coming soon!)

  • Sample social media posts (Facebook and Twitter): These provide information on the CCTC. Post these on your social media pages. (Coming soon!)

Download the full, editable toolkit here.

​Note: We encourage you to share this toolkit on your organization’s website. If this information is added to  your website, you may insert your url into the outreach materials. Also, please feel free to customize the materials with your logo and other organizational information.  

For more detailed information on the CCTC, please visit the following websites:

Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado EPIC