Investment Philosophy

Gary Community Investments manages all of our assets to achieve maximum social impact while generating financial returns when appropriate. Over the coming years, we will execute a total portfolio investment approach, aligning all of our assets in pursuit of our mission, regardless of whether an investment is made using philanthropic, market-rate, and/or near-market rate capital.

We understand the nature of “impact” looks different depending upon the strategy. For example, we measure the impact of a philanthropic investment in a community-based organization differently than a market-rate investment in a startup company that is organized around achieving financial and social returns.

We are taking both a philanthropic and market-oriented approach to achieving social impact and financial returns. Unlike most foundations, we do not seek to exist in perpetuity. We intentionally seek out “big bets” on the most creative solutions to the challenges facing low- income families. By approximately 2035, Gary Community Investments intends to fully invest all of our financial assets into community and business vehicles, including individuals, families, nonprofits, government entities and for-profit businesses, that are focused on improving the lives of children and families, primarily in the seven-county Denver metro region. Because we have a limited amount of time to achieve our vision, we take smart risks on promising ideas and work with a sense of urgency and purpose.