Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector

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Investment Term: 2018 - 2021
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Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector

Investee Background

Mile High United Way (MHUW) has established itself as a trusted nonprofit intermediary, supporting community efforts through volunteerism, partnerships and enterprise-level initiatives. With its success convening small groups of organizations to reach new operational and collaborative heights, MHUW is the ideal project manager for a new capacity building and technical assistance initiative that aims to strengthen Colorado’s nonprofit sector through the adaptation of the Performance Imperative framework for increasing nonprofits’ organizational effectiveness. Ten community-based partners—with specialties in entrepreneurship, supportive services, child care and more—have been selected to receive a variety of supports, including training and coaching, strategy development, service delivery upgrades and loan guarantees, to help them transform their organizations for the benefit of Colorado’s low-income children and their families.

Why We Invested

A healthy human services ecosystem that provides high-quality, effective supports has the power to impact the lives of low-income children and families while creating long-term economic and societal benefits. Yet many nonprofits that serve low-income families are financially strapped themselves, which limits their ability to invest in organizational improvements and withstand financial challenges. No single organization can move the needle on family economic security in isolation—high-performing platforms in workforce, housing, public policy and financial inclusion are necessary to ensure better service delivery for low-income children and their families. This investment, made through MHUW, supports the implementation of a curriculum that will strengthen the organizational and financial health of participating organizations, ultimately improving their ability to support the well-being of more than 190,000 children living in poverty in Colorado.

Expected Impact

This partnership with MHUW—a dedicated community-oriented intermediary—will establish a new, credible platform for strengthening nonprofit sector-level impact. Both the organizations receiving capacity-building support and the families they serve will benefit from the platform’s success. GCI expects that providing nonprofits with coaching, training and resources will lead to significantly stronger organizational stability. In turn, individuals and families who receive their services will find greater success advancing their financial security. Through a broader lens, we anticipate that improvements within five of the 10 organizations in the cohort will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the WORKNOW initiative, another platform that GCI invested in to improve the economic security of families by providing them with job training and work supports.