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JoyBox Launches First-of-its-Kind Early Childhood App

Our investee, JoyBox, recently released its JoyBox Watch application for download on the Apple’s iTunes App Store. A first-of-its-kind video player for parents and caregivers of children under 3, JoyBox Watch presents shows from JoyBox's weeTube™ library, a collection of visual and musical experiences. While fun and engaging, these shows also align with JoyBox's research-based curriculum framework for pre-preschoolers.

Founded in 2015, JoyBox began developing the concept for a suite of tech-based and physical tools for parents and children, 0 to 3 years old, to share together. Created by Baby Einstein® founders Julie and Will Clark, the company created a research-based early childhood curriculum and accompanying materials, including activities, music, videos, games, flash cards, books and toys, that provide parents with a month-by-month roadmap for understanding, supporting, and monitoring child development.

Gary Community Investments is committed to exploring innovations that create positive impact in the early childhood sector. Through our investment in JoyBox, we are supporting a physical and tech-based early childhood development solution that has the potential to scale and reach families with diverse income levels. Learn more about why we invested in JoyBox.