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Chyrise Harris
VP Communications


About Gary Community Investments

Gary Community Investments, which includes The Piton Foundation, invests in for-profit and philanthropic solutions for Colorado’s low-income children and their families. It was founded by Denver oilman Sam Gary with the belief that business and philanthropy can—and should—work together to create opportunities for those who need it most. Gary Community Investments is committed to investing in quality early childhood and youth development systems, expanding sustainable economic opportunities, and developing and supporting programs that create healthy family and community environments. By aligning all of our assets with our mission, we make creative investments that not only yield a financial return, but can also improve the lives of Colorado’s children.


Our Leadership

Mike Johnston, President & CEO of Gary Community Investments

Dave Younggren, Founding Director and Board Chair


GCI Logos

To access Gary Community Invesmtnets and the Piton Foundations logos, please email Kate Brookes (