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New IRS Law Requires ITIN Renewal, Starting This Year

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a number issued by the IRS to help individuals who cannot obtain a social security number to file their taxes. In the past, a taxpayer applied for and received an ITIN only once. Recent changes to the ITIN program include a requirement that taxpayers renew their ITINs.

The IRS is using a “rolling renewal” schedule for all ITINs, beginning this month.  As a result, some taxpayers should renew their ITIN before the end of 2016. Taxpayers with expired ITINs may be ineligible for certain tax credits or face delayed tax refunds.

  • Learn who is affected this year and how they can renew by downloading this informational flier in English and Spanish.

  • Utilize our outreach toolkit in English and Spanish, which includes e-mail and newsletter copy, talking points and social media posts. 

  • Learn more about the ITIN renewal process from the IRS website.

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