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Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal and state, refundable tax credit that benefits hard-working, low-to moderate-income families and individuals. The EITC promotes work and is proven to reduce poverty by closing the gap between a family’s income and what they need to make ends meet.

Tax Credits benefit Families

In addition to reducing poverty and rewarding work, the EITC helps families at every stage of life, enabling them to be more self-sufficient and financially secure. Refunds from the EITC help families pay for existing expenses like reliable transportation to get to work and child care; they also allow families to cover unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills or a security deposit for a new apartment. The EITC is also proven to have a positive impact on:
  • Maternal and infant health outcomes
  • Children’s school performance
  • increased future earnings

Who Qualifies

To find out if you qualify for the EITC, review the chart below or enter your filing status, number of children and household earnings into the EITC Estimator to receive an estimated refund amount.

Family Size Maximum Family Income Maximum Federal EITC Maximum State EITC
3+ Children Married - $53,930
Single - $48,340
$6,318 $632
2 Children Married - $50,597
Single - $45,007
$5,616 $562
1 Child Married - $45,207
Single - $39,617
$3,400 $340
No Children Married - $20,600
Single - $15,010
$510 $51
The EITC’s Impact in Colorado
Tax credits, especially the Earned Income Tax Credit, are proven to be effective tools for increasing the financial security of hard-working Colorado families. The stats below highlight the EITC's annual impact:
Learn more about the EITC’s impact.
342,000 Families Claimed the EITC
$754 Million in EITC Refunds
93,000 Families Lifted Above the Poverty Line by the EITC and CTC