Tax Help Colorado

A program of The Piton Foundation, Tax Help Colorado offers free tax preparation assistance to families who earn less than about $56,000 a year, helping to ease the burden of commercial tax preparation costs on low-wage earners. The program was launched in 2007 to help link even more Colorado families to valuable tax credits such as the EITC and Child Tax Credit.

In addition to community volunteers, the program utilizes college and high school students who take a course on income tax preparation then operate free tax sites on their campuses for college credit.

Learn more about our 2019 tax filing season.

Free tax sites, known as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Sites, are located across the state. Use the look up tool to search for a free tax site in your community using your zip code or address.

Who We Serve

IRS-certified volunteers can help prepare returns with these characteristics:

  • 2019 or 2018 returns
  • Federal and Colorado income tax forms
  • Household income under $56,000
  • Income from wages, social security, retirement, pension, annuity, interest, ordinary dividends, capital gains and losses
  • Simple business income (Schedule C or C-EZ)
  • Credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Education Credits, and Savers Credit
  • Reporting health coverage or claiming exemptions

Due to IRS regulations, IRS-certified volunteers cannot prepare returns with these characteristics

  • Income from:
    • Rental properties
    • Farming
    • Royalties (unless reported on Schedule K-1 or 1099-Misc. Box 2)
  • Business income with a net loss, inventory, expenses over $10,000, business use of home, or depreciation
  • Non-resident alien tax forms (F, J, M or Q visas; dual status)
  • Mortgage interest credit
  • Qualified adoption expenses

If properly-trained volunteers are available, we may be able to help with

  • Health Savings Account expenses & contributions
  • 2017 & 2016 returns
  • Out-of-state tax returns

2019 Snapshot: Tax Help for Individuals & Families

Provided free tax assistance to more than 7,400 individuals
Helped families claim more than $12.1 million in tax refunds (over $4 million from the EITC)
Saved families more than $1.8 million in commercial tax preparation fees


Make a difference in your community—and have some fun while you’re at it—by volunteering with Tax Help Colorado!